Local Legends


One of the most common questions we get about the hostel’s decor is “Where did you get that coffee table!?” We love this question because it gives up the opportunity to brag about one of the coolest spots to open in Saint John this year which just happens to be a few blocks away from the hostel: The Saint John Tool Library.

The Saint John Tool Library (SJTL) is an amazing place where you can go to borrow tools and tap into a wealth of knowledge. It is the perfect alternative to buying and storing a ton of tools that you may hardly use and allows you to turn your hobby into a social event. It’s the perfect place for locals looking to build furniture or even learn how to bake a pie; and it’s an amazing place for travellers to go if they need to fix something on the run.

SJTL owner Brent Harris approached the BunkHaus during renovations earlier this year and asked if he could donate something special to the hostel as a way to welcome the hostel to Uptown Saint John. Overcome with gratitude I blurted out that a coffee table would be the greatest gift and he graciously took on the challenge with a smile and a mega dose of creativity. Not knowing what the final product was going to look like was nerve-wracking but putting my trust in the SJTL paid off big time! Harris walked in with this beautiful bean-shaped coffee table just as we opened and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. It gets so many compliments and it’s no wonder why. Harris built this table from reclaimed wood, sanded and stained it a walnut brown to match the couch, and perfectly shaped it to take our living area to the next level.

Harris (left) and Arsenault (right) showing off their handiwork after delivering it to the hostel.

Harris (left) and Arsenault (right) showing off their handiwork after delivering it to the hostel.

But his generosity didn’t stop there. He also helped SJTL builder Luke Arsenault make a beautiful bookshelf which he also donated to Saint John’s newest hostel! It fits in perfectly with the rest of the space and we are in love with the live edge. Reclaimed building materials were used for this project as well which just happens to be a passionate subject for Arsenault who has his own project up his sleeve. Arsenault is planning to bring a very special initiative to Saint John to take care of all the plastic waste we accumulate. Check-out Precious Plastic for more information!


The SJTL is responsible for building our breakfast bar as well which we love. It’s solid and durable and perfect for people watching while enjoying a coffee or beer. So THANK YOU to the SJTL! We love what you’re doing are we’re so happy to share a city with you.