"Just go!"

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First visitor to Saint John's newest hostel

This tanned and beautiful lady came to Saint John's newest hostel last week and became our very first guest after looking for a hostel, bed and breakfast, or cheap hotel nearby Saint John's city centre. Impressed with BunkHaus's fresh, clean, and friendly vibes she booked herself a bunk in our co-ed bunk room and unpacked her small backpack.

A Seasoned Traveller

After having coffee with Susanna Strom, AKA Susie, we learned that she hails from California and is late to the travel game. At 67 she retired from a lifetime of work after her daughter demanded she leave her job and see the world. 15 years and 88 countries later and she hasn't slowed down one bit. Often travelling solo, Susie commented, "I don't understand why people sit at home bored, wanting and wishing to travel. Just do it! Go alone! Just go! It's never too late to travel. Stop letting fear stop you." 

We feel so lucky and are so happy that Susie strolled into our hostel and we can't wait to have her back on her journey home through New Brunswick.

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