Top 5 reasons to book a hostel

When you're searching for accommodation nearby, often you're presented with options to stay in a hotel, motel, or bed & breakfast. Hostels might not immediately pop into mind. Popular in Europe and Southeast Asia, hostels are the go-to standard for many travellers both young and old. Canada is seeing an influx of new hostels as more people discover this trendy way to spend the night. So let's get to it: here are the top 4 reasons to book in a hostel on your next trip to Saint John, New Brunswick.

Patrons of a trendy cafe congregating.

1. Meet great people

Hostels are designed with emphasis placed on social spaces so you can meet others who are looking to explore the area and experience the local culture. Harvest dinner tables and lounge areas are the center piece for interaction. Coffee and tea flow in abundance, and a bar is usually not too far away. It's a travel philosophy. Still need some peace and quiet? You can always retire to your private room or bunk space when you need some time alone.

Two travellers plan out their trip with a map, notebook, camera, laptop, and cup of coffee.

2. Get local travel tips

Hostels are filled with like-minded travellers looking to get the most out of their stay. Hosts always have good tips, local maps, and brochures to share. You'll find out about the hottest local events, urban tours, and nearby coffee shops. Friendly staff can also help you find your next hostel or destination.

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3. Make your own meals

With communal self-catered kitchens available as the norm, hostels let you prepare your own meals while travelling. This is especially handy if you have special dietary needs or are looking to save some money. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and halal meals may be challenging to find wherever your compass takes you, and impossible in some hotels and B&B's. Impromptu potlucks with people from around the world can spice up any experience on the road or trail.

Ingrid Woodhouse, owner of BunkHaus Boutique Hostel, at the front desk.

Ingrid Woodhouse, owner of BunkHaus Boutique Hostel, at the front desk.

4. Support local

Get that local connection to your destination by meeting a small business owner. They're sure to go the extra mile to make sure you have a great trip and you're putting money straight back into the community or country that you're visiting. #sleeplocal

Someone on a cozy hostel bed reads a city guide and map next to their backpack.

5. Save some cash

When you're searching for local accommodation, central options can be pricey. By staying at a hostel or youth hostel you can get a good deal and save some cash. By choosing the cheaper option you'll have more money in your pocket to see a show or go on a tour.

So there you have it. Make the most out of your trip by staying in a hostel next time you travel.

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