Qua Sông: River Crosser


Walking with a purpose into the BunkHaus Boutique Hostel a few weeks ago was a very special man in maroon coloured robes who went by the name Sam. Originally from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Sam joined a monastery at a young age where he became a Buddhist Monk. He eventually relocated a monastery on the West Coast of Canada where he lives today.

Sam has a big heart for his people in Vietnam and returns often to teach mindfulness as a tool to overcome the horrible things that the communist government has inflicted on its citizens. He ultimately helps people cross rivers in a metaphorical sense and is known as “Qua Sông” which means “River Crosser”.

In his free time he loves to travel and has visited 64 countries to date. He spent the majority of his time in Saint John taking photos of our beautiful city and finished his day by sharing noodles and tea with us in the evening.

When I asked if he wanted to share any wisdom he responded with: "Just tell people to always be mindful - of words, of actions, of thoughts. That is true wisdom."