Joshua Smids
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Joshua Smids

“The Shadows of is the orchestra of your dreams, a unique solo project and reflection of me Joshua Smids blending experimental, fingerstyle guitar, and various techniques into a trance stylized orchestra. Weaving together soulful guitar melodies with an array of various styles mixed within with Colorful ambient and atmospheric soundscapes that extend the music to unbelievable depths sounding as if there was more than one musician an entire band/ orchestra. The Shadows Of is a representation of all the sounds, the symphonies in my mind. Here is where I freely choose to experiment with music where others have not yet ventured, to discover musical possibilities within myself to create The Orchestra of my dreams. This journey was years in the making and I am still trying to perfect it. All I am doing is experimenting with what I like to hear. For your ears to enjoy. There will be various changes along the way. I hope you join me in these journey's to come as we go through chapter after chapter in my life. As I develop Soundscapes I am truly proud of for a vision I envisioned A band within myself The Shadows Of The Orchestra of your dreams.

“My debut Album “The_Shadows_Of volume 1 (Past Tense)” released On Bandcamp November 5th, 2018. Past Tense is a reflection of my past self. A person who was wishing they could be playing music, frustrated and indecisive I had to go on a journey through the styles and choices I made musically to get through to what I was hearing in my head. Past Tense is that journey I have taken to discover my music what I truly wanted to do the vision I wanted to create coming to life. And what a freedom of expression this has become. Take from this what you will and I encourage you to create your own stories as you listen. Here thus far is a compilation of all the sounds and styles I've worked hard on to please my ears and hopefully your ears.”

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Sunday Sessions
10:30 AM10:30

Sunday Sessions

Building community is a beautiful thing that has historically been accomplished through religious gatherings... but what happens when church or religion just isn't your thing? Or at least not regularly?

Enter: Sunday Sessions.

Sunday sessions will take place once a month and be non-faith based. We'll start by kicking off with a singer-songwriter performance which will be followed with something akin to a 'Ted Talk'. For example: learn about how you can reduce waste, discover how meditation can improve your life, learn about the history of Saint John, tune into research breakthroughs happening locally, or simply get a crash course in how to budget.

Each session will follow with time to socialise and meet new people along with the opportunity to donate to the artist and speaker.

We will also work together to create a joint vision for the future of Sunday Sessions and pick causes to support in order to help improve of our society/environment each month (ie. food bank donations, beach clean-ups).

PS: Want to perform or think you've got a cool topic to cover? Private message me!

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