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Frequently asked questions about BunkHaus Boutique Hostel in Saint John, NB, including check-in and check-out times, cancellations, refunds, staff, quiet hours, age-limit… etc.

Frequently asked questions



Check-in is from 4pm - 10pm and check-out is until 11am. Please be respectful of these times so that our staff can make sure BunkHaus is clean for everyone! **Late check-ins are available by special request. Just give us a call at 506.646.9895 if you'll be late!


We are licensed! Alcohol consumed in the common room must be purchased on site so we keep our beers affordable.


Cancellations & Refunds

Think you'll change your mind? No problem. Just cancel within 24 hrs of your check-in time of 2pm and you'll get your money back.



The front desk is occupied from 10:30am - 11pm.


Quiet Hours

The volume turns down at 10pm to make sure everyone gets their Z's. But do not fear! We are only a stones throw away from some incredible bars with amazing live music, diverse drink menus, and friendly locals.


Adults Only

BunkHaus is an adult-only hostel and therefore guests must be 18+.



We are unable to accommodate any pets at this time.