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There is so much to do in the heart of Saint John (see: City) but there is also so much happening around us too. Saint John is centrally located between New Brunswick's most popular attractions as well as some of its best kept secrets. If you plan to arrive at the BunkHaus Hostel by car then you'll be within one hour of some really cool spots. Here's a short list:



New River Beach // Photographer:  Brian Atkinson

New River Beach // Photographer: Brian Atkinson

There's something about oceans and rivers that feed the soul. Whether you're looking for a place to decompress and relax, seeking artistic inspiration, or maybe just looking to go for a swim, BunkHaus Boutique Hostel is the place to be. We are surrounded by water; anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour away will take you to some beautiful and moody ocean beaches, warm river beaches, and breathtaking waterfalls. With tons to choose from we can't pick a favourite but we'll give you all the information you'll need to pick yours!


Saint Andrews

Whale watching is a magical experience. Seeing the huge gentle giants of the Bay of Fundy slip quietly past your boat can easily become the highlight of your vacation. Luckily, some of the best whale watching is just 45 minutes away in Saint Andrews, NB! Saint Andrews whale watching tours fill up fast so make sure you call ahead to book.

Pro Tip: Visit New River Beach on your way back from your morning whale watching tour in St Andrews!


Saint Andrews // Photographer: Unknown

Saint Andrews // Photographer: Unknown

Saint Martins

St. Martins // Photographer: Crystal Richard ( East Coast Mermaid )

St. Martins // Photographer: Crystal Richard (East Coast Mermaid)

Have you been dreaming of visiting Saint Martins? Saint Martins is a popular destination for its fishing boats, covered bridges, sea kayaking, red cliffs, and ocean caves. A one hour drive will take you there but we will be sure to encourage you to check out  a few secret beaches on your way too for the perfect day trip!

Hiking / Mountain biking

There are some wonderful trails in and around Saint John. Rockwood Park - a park designed by the same man responsible for designing Central Park in New York - is a short walk or drive from our hostel and is full of lakes and trails as well as a city-subsidised golf course. If you're looking for something with vistas then we encourage you to check out Irving Nature Park, Spy Glass Hill, Turtle Mountain, the Sussex Bluff, Friars Nose, Ice Caves (winter), Fundy Parkway, or Fundy National Park. Day trips can be built from any of these trails and will make for a great excuse to grab that extra slice of cake on your holidays.

Seely Beach // Photographer: Doug Gordon (Explore Magazine)

Seely Beach // Photographer: Doug Gordon (Explore Magazine)

hopewell rocks

Hopewell Rocks // Photographer: Angel Elliott ( The Angel Era )

Hopewell Rocks // Photographer: Angel Elliott (The Angel Era)

What New Brunswick information guide is complete without a photo of the Hopewell Rocks? This spot is 2 hours away from the hostel but the thing about the Hopewell Rocks is that you need to see it at both low and high tides (12 hours apart) to get the full effect. Catch one view on a day trip and the next on a cruise through.