The rules

Check-in: 4 – 10pm
Check-out: 11am


1.       You must cancel/shorten a reservation within 24hrs for a refund.

2.       Please bring your smoke across the street and leave cold cigarette butts in exterior garbage cans.

3.       Outside alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be consumed in the common area (government regulations) - but we are license and have inexpensive options for sale.

4.       Non-guests are not allowed in the building after 11pm. Please ensure front door is closed properly when you enter and do not let anyone you don’t know/non-guests enter. Only BunkHaus Hostel guests are allowed in sleeping areas.

5.       Quiet hours start at 10pm. Please enjoy the common area but be mindful of your volume.

6.       Respect your bunk mates! Please obey the following rules in the bunkroom:

a.       Please bring all conversations, incl. phone or typed conversations, to the common area. Clicking/tapping sounds and blue light is disruptive to sleeping guests.

b.      Absolutely no sexual conduct or sharing of beds in the dorm room.

7.       BunkHaus Hostel is not responsible for lost or stolen goods. We encourage that you keep items locked in your room or bunk cabinet.

8.       Please clean up after yourself. Give the shower a quick wipe when you’re done, put dishes in the dishwasher, bring or discard your groceries when you leave, and wipe up any messes you make.

9.       Be kind and respect both yourself and others.

10.   Property damage, harassment, and/or failure to abide by the above rules may result in your dismissal from the premise without refund.